I would like to have something different than in the mainstream, not even to stand out on my own. I think that I have personally become more and more disenfranchised from looking at other people blogs and websites. Most just seem like clones of another, adding nothing of value or sustenance to anything. Cookie cutter sites and people just eat all that up like its the “standard”. Well, no. Let there be another standard that is honest and true to itself and its readers while not taking them on a ride and treating them like they don’t know anything. However that does not excuse the reader for, well reading such things; Supporting those places that are supposed to be unbiased, yet those same people still read.

Now I’m not saying that I am a or even the person to make that change, however one is needed. This is just something that I have noticed and thought that I would make a note about it for myself in the future.


That will be all,

Thank you for reading.